Frank Luna

Real Estate Investor, Coach, Mentor

Frank Luna is Founder and CEO of On Point Solutions Group, LLC.

Having successfully coached dozens of students to flip homes in California, he has been hand picked to sit on the Board of Directors for one of the most distinguished real estate investment clubs on the west coast. He holds the position of Operations Manager where he runs the day to day operations of the club. Frank is also a mentor, helping to guide many students who are learning the real estate investment industry and guiding them toward personal and business success.

Frank has guided and developed a variety of students from various walks of life and circumstances. Some of his most successful students have earned six figure incomes as real estate investors, flipping homes in California under his tutelage as a Mentor and Coach at New Wealth Advisors Club. 

Our Team

Frank Luna, Senior Investor

Catherine Luna, Customer Care


Cilka Israel Orange County Acquisition Liason

Maria Diaz, Inland Empire Acquisition Liaison

Aryana Rahman, Los Angeles Acquisition Liaison