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Podcast Episode Flipping Houses: Home of the Misfits

I recently recorded a podcast about my flipping houses journey. My friends and mentors Dave and Melina Boswell from New Wealth Advisors Club interviewed my wife and I about our journey to becoming successful flippers and mentors at NWAC.. I sat back and listened to the podcast which was just released Wednesday and was blown away by my wife's transparency and openness. Our journey from 2009 to 2017 has been a fun ride filled with the ups and downs of any business. More importantly are the friendships and business relationships made that will last a life time as we fought together in the trenches of a labyrinth of information and strategies. We have finally focused our time and effort on the must productive approaches to solving the real estate game of flipping houses. I hope you enjoy this podcast and can see yourself successfully flipping your first house some time soon.