Kim J.

Frank has been a great coach, friend & mentor who truly wants to see me succeed. He's always quick to respond and there to answer my questions and point me in the right direction. Whether it's dealing with homeowners or running my business, his knowledge is incredibly helpful and effective.

Aryana R.

I was very blessed to have met Frank three years ago when I decided to get into real estate investing. Frank is the best mentor anyone could ask for!  No one even compares! He taught me the ins and outs of creative acquisitions, financing and flipping properties. I did several deals with him before having the confidence to start running projects on my own.  The knowledge I gained from knowing Frank has changed my life and boosted my business.

jenelle G.

jenelle tesimonial photo.jpg

Working with Frank has been a  very educational experience.  He is very informative and willing to help his students. I am very grateful to have him as my mentor and learn from him. Frank always goes the extra mile to make sure he has answered any questions I have. It has been nothing but a  blessing to work with him.

Monica L.

I am so grateful that Frank and the NWAC club came into my life two years ago! The knowledge, support and encouragement I have received from Frank has been more than I could've asked for. It has been a real pleasure developing a business partnership as well as a friendship with Frank! I never expected to gain so much knowledge and support while helping me make money doing actual real estate deals. It has been such a privilege and wonderful experience not only having Frank as a business partner and coach but also being part of such an amazing real estate club! 

Flora A.

Real estate has always excited me but I had no previous experience before I met Frank Luna, who is known as one of the most successful real estate investors in Southern California. I knew that finding the right mentor was the key to my success. Today, I am so proud to call him my mentor and it has been a privilege to work with, and be mentored by him. He has a very structured schedule that allows me to line up my goals with the actions needed to accomplish them. He is a strong coach that encourages professional engagement, achievement, strong ethics and most importantly, he is always accessible, approachable, and kind-hearted.While working alongside Frank, his honest and direct approach towards distressed homeowners really stood out to me. Having the biggest heart to serve people in the communities in hopes of bettering their lives and his passion in real estate are what sets Frank apart from the rest! Being a man of his word has led him to continue to excel in the real estate industry. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to partner on an investment opportunity.

Kelsi W.

I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Luna several years ago. Initially, I was introduced to him because I was sick of my job and wanted to learn more about real estate investment.  I had heard it could be very lucrative and was was curious (and a little scared) about learning. Frank's expertise in the industry combined with his honesty and integrity has changed my life. Not in a million years did I ever imagine that while making money doing real estate investment, you could ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE!!! My experience with Frank has been an absolute God-send. Through the time I have spent with him, I have learned so much. The facts, skills, and information I have acquired  from him are absolutely invaluable. I feel so fortunate to have been a student of Frank's - not only because of his knowledge, but most importantly his sincerity and compassion for others.