Who are we?

We are a local real estate club made up of a team of successful real estate investors.

Our senior members of the club teach others how to invest in real estate and flip houses.

Since 2009, we have led the effort to teach, coach and mentor nearly real estate students and we have closed real estate deals all over Southern California. Since inception we have been at the forefront of strategically creating real estate deals in Southern California.

Are you ready to become a real estate investor?

What makes us different?


We teach individuals with drive and determination how to succeed in real estate by utilizing the tried and true strategies below to flip houses, close deals, and make a living investing in real estate. 

  • Fix n' Flips
  • Wholesale
  • Short Sales
  • Probate
  • Lease Options


We are a local real estate club and we collaborate with one another to flip houses and invest in real estate by:

  • Becoming an Active Member of a Local Real Estate Club
  • Collaborating on Real Estate Deals
  • Sharing Talent and Strategies
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Creatively Financing

WE Set Expectations

We are clear about who we are and what we do.

  • Our Goal is to Duplicate Ourselves by Bringing the Right People Along to Teach and Mentor with the Vision of Creating a Future Partner
  • This is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme or Multi Level Marketing (MLM); if That is What You are Seeking, we Aren't for You
  • This Business Takes Time
  • This Business Takes Determination
  • This Business Takes Motivation
  • This Business Takes Persistence
  • You Need to be in a Stable Financial Position to Get Started
  • It Can Take You a Few Months to Close Your First Real Estate Deal
  • Most People Need to Get Started on a Part Time Basis Until They Supplement Their Income Before Becoming a Full Time Real Estate Entrepreneur

Real estate deals aren’t found, they’re created.
— Dave Boswell, Co-founder, New Wealth Advisors Club

What We've Achieved

  • Mentored newbie investors and transformed them into real estate coaches and mentors.
  • Successfully developed a strategy of real estate investment instruction which is far superior to the tired and broken hotel seminar model.
  • Successfully systematized a lead flow process for closing real estate transactions in Southern California.
  • Taken our success and paid it forward to both our students and the community at large.
  • Accepted the challenge of providing housing for homeless families through partnerships with Path of Life Ministries.
  • Successfully started a real estate investing community during a down economy on a small budget in spite of terrible odds and the general consensus that it could not be done.
  • Integrated business and personal development tools and ideas into a structured format to help our club members succeed in real estate and their personal lives.